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    from Spain - September 16, 2013

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    Tunis to Madrid
    Flight 606
    What a miserable company from a routine short haul flight that was supposed to leave Tunis @ around 15:20 the plane never get of the tarmac before 21:00
    The whole experience was frustrating but also you realize that company personal lack the basic understanding how to manage and how to keep passenger informed about the status of their flight.
    They kept boucing us from one embarking point to the other. It was a big farce.
    So finally we got the right information from the personal that plane was delayed 5 hours @that point some passengers did ask for a claim form to present @ madrid airport because they lost their connection and the bullying started.
    I can tell u it wasn’t pretty to see from one side all passengers did regroup for a mutiny and from the other side the police slaming the embraking door telling us to go to hell.
    Long story short if you can avoid to take it please do.

    Ah I forgot to tell you they did deliver my luggage with another 9 of my fellow passengers.

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