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    from Bulgaria - May 21, 2017

    Flew Economy

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    This company is the lowest level and the most unprofessional ever.
    I have used many and different low-cost companies, but this is really the worst!
    First of all, I had a question, which was not answered on their web-site and it was very difficult to find their contact form to ask them directly. Secondly, when I finally managed to write them, I got an answer after three days, when it was already too late to do anything.
    Than, their stupid system, which does not allow the passengers to do a self-check made me some extra troubles at the airport, as I got a bit late for the check-in, due the fact that at that time there was some kind of parade in Brussels and some of the streets were closed, which delayed my arrival to the check-in at the airport. And the lady on their information desk was really not helpful, she just directly sent me to buy new ticket from another company…

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