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    from United States - August 17, 2015

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    SkyBahamas is the largest private Bahamian airline, though it’s still dwarfed by the great BahamasAir, the national carrier. Sky is ideal for travelling between the Out Islands — branded as the “Family Islands” for tourists — and for quick commutes. The prices are very reasonable and they usually run deals on-line where you can get one of your domestic tickets for free.

    The planes are smaller than BahamasAir’s 737s and Dash 8s, but they’re still quite comfortable. Like BahamasAir, there is no entertainment and no meals, but the flights are so short that you don’t need either anyway. The fleet is well-maintained and I’ve never had any issues beyond turbulence, which is of course common in tropical weather.

    BahamasAir is usually my first choice, but Sky is perfectly good and will get you from place to place safely and inexpensively. As long as you don’t expect American amenities, you’ll be fine. It’s transportation, not luxury. Like BahamasAir, you’ll find the occasional angry review from someone who flew it once and unfortunately had a bad experience, but I’ve been flying Sky since its founding (and BahamasAir since birth!) and have never had a bad time with either.

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