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    from United Kingdom - June 23, 2017

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    Aerogabiota has to be the least reliable, worst informed airline I have ever been on. I have traveled in and around central and South America for over 8 years. I have experienced the worst and the best of flying in this part of the world. I live in Kingston jamaica. We arrived three hours early for our first flight as advised, only to wait three hours until any information appeared. No one in Kingston really knew of the flight. It was only by chance we met with two people who we knew were taking the same flight and had to make decisions together. In Cuba however there is not just one terminal, there are 5. No one really knew which terminal we had to go to. An hour of different people telling us to go to different terminals, led us to find again by chance the flight written on the electronic board, something which never happened in Kingston. It is like catching a bus with no timetable, no idea of when or where it was departing and all around you people telling you different things or fellow flyers with similar experiences. What a nightmare. Finally managed to board only for the man who initially told us that this was the wrong terminal to be the one who was checking us in. What a j

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