LAN review by Baldonick

    July 15, 2018

    On June 7th, 2018 I called the LATAM Customer service about my baggage allowance for a Flight to Bucaramanga, Colombia. I was told by the LATAM customer service representative that I was allowed 2 bags under 23kg, I mentioned that I was playing a Golf Tournament in Bucaramanga and I was going to take a luggage bag under 23kg and a golf bag under 23kg, the LATAM Customer representative confirmed that it was allowed. So, I got a huge surprise at Check-In in Miami when I was FORCED to pay $100 for the Golf Bag for being a sporting equipment bag, this is ridiculous since that it is not the case in other airlines and I bought the Airline Ticket under False Pretense!!! On my return flight from Bucaramanga, I got a bigger surprise, when I was charged a HIGHER fee this time, $119.27. WHY? Why do you have this thievery and discrepancies? This is wrong, that I bought an Airline Ticket under false pretenses!! Also, the food service was awful, the plane was dirty and it looked like it was poorly maintained. My seat on the return flight was loose, seat 13L. The only provide entertainment via an application and the seats have NO charge connections for the IPAD or Phone!!