Video shows Asiana A330 taking out A321’s tail.

May 14, 2018
Asian Turkish collision
The remains of the A321's vertical stabilizer. Image: atabek.aviation.

Graphic video has emerged of an Asiana A330-300  heading for Seoul destroying the tail of a Turkish Airlines A321 in a collision at Istanbul-Atatürk International Airport.

According to preliminary information from the Aviation Safety Network, the Airbus A321 had arrived from Ercan in Northern Cyprus Sunday and turned towards the gate, stopping about 30 metres from its intended parking position.

The Airbus A330 was taxiing along taxiway G to the runway on its way to Seoul.

While taxiing past the A321, the right had wing tip carved through the A321’s vertical stabilizer, knocking it over completely.

The A330s wingtip was also seriously damaged.

Firefighters subsequently doused the A321 as a precautionary measure.


This is the second incident in which an Asiana jet has seriously damaged the tail of another aircraft.

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An Asiana Boeing 747-400  sliced into the tail of an Aeroflot Ilyushin IL-62M in Anchorage, Alaska,  in 1998.

The left outboard engine of the 747-400 struck the left wingtip of the Ilyushin before the left wingtip became embedded in the vertical stabilizer.

asiana Turkish accident tail
The 1998 accident in Alaska. Image: Paul Martel/KTUU-TV