September 09, 2022

Launched in 2012 Vietjet is one of the great rising stars in the Asia/Pacific region setting records wherever it operates.

It is now the largest airline in Vietnam and since it started operating has carried 120 million passengers in perfect safety.

Vietjet currently operates more than 500 flights per day, flying to most domestic destinations and a number of international destinations in Singapore, Thailand, the Republic of Korea, China and India.

The fleet with 77 aircraft focuses on the LCC model with low cost in operation and efficiency but safety is never compromised.

Vietjet is one of only a handful of low-cost airlines and the first in Vietnam to pass the IATA Operational Safety Audit (“IOSA”).

That achievement earnt it a 7/7-star safety rating from Airline Ratings in 2018 and the airline has been listed as amongst the Top Ten safest low-cost airlines since 2018.


The airline’s mission is to become a multinational airline with the largest market share in Vietnam, with the integration of a consumer-oriented advanced digital business technology and logistic system.

Vietjet is focused on developing a wide network of domestic, regional and international routes to make air services a popular means of transportation in Vietnam and internationally by focusing on customer satisfaction.

The airline has recently added the 365-377 seat wide-body Airbus A330 which allows Vietjet to explore more destination options and meet its expansion plans.

Vietjet’s fleet age is just 3.5 years compared to the region’s average of 7.7 years.

Its fleet is made up mainly of Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft which operate 52 and 106 international routes.


Vietjet has 18, 180-seat A320s, 38 230-seat A321s and 19 230-240 seat A321neos.

For future expansion, the airline has ordered 200 737 MAX aircraft and these will be delivered starting in 2028.

One of the keys to the airline’s success is that while it operates an LCC model it offers passengers luxury options with its SkyBoss and Deluxe ticket options for larger seat sizes, more legroom, priority check-in and flight insurance.

At the other end of the scale, the airline is constantly offering amazing discount fare deals for economy class.

This year the airline was awarded Value Airline of the Year for 2022 from

Vietjet’s President and CEO is Vietnam’s most successful business women Nguyễn Thị Phương Thảo, below, who has guided the airline through the worst of the COVID pandemic to be profitable with solid asset backing.

Part of Mrs Nguyen’s strategy is to reach out to other countries with subsidiaries such as Thai Vietjet.