Ten Must-Know Tips To Ease Holiday Air Travel Stress

October 31, 2022
air travel stress

Here are our ten must-know tips to ease holiday air travel stress. From December through February hundreds of millions of passengers will take to the air to see friends and loved ones across the globe.

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The airline system will be stretched to the limit as it strives to get passengers to their destinations.

Take control of your trip and consider these ten tips from our airlineratings.com editors.

  1. Arrive early for your flight. For international flights, it is now standard to check in three hours before and for domestic at least two hours. Consider adding another 30 minutes to those times. You can always enjoy a drink or snack ahead of your flight at one of the many restaurants and bars at airports.
  2. If you’re flying with a low-cost airline, consider buying priority check-in and boarding. Saves long queues which can be very stressful. At some airports, you can also buy security on departure and customs on arrival priority lanes. Worth every cent!
  3. Want more comfort? Consider buying an exit row it is an excellent investment and not only gives more comfort but reduces stress levels.
  4. You can also book an extra seat with a travel agent and some airlines now offer extra seat options. Consider this. For a couple buying the middle seat in a set of three is way cheaper than buying two premium economy seats and it’s amazing what a difference it makes to have a free seat between you and your travelling companion.
  5. If you haven’t made a booking yet consider booking a mid-week flight as these days are typically cheaper. Also, book an early morning flight as there is less chance of disruption from events throughout the day such as weather.
  6. Seek out a good travel agent, they are the most important element in the travel journey. Most airlines have now cut commissions to travel agents so you will need to pay for their services in many cases. But it is worth it for if your flight is cancelled or you have any other disruption, you can phone your agent and get them to fix the issue, which they typically can do quickly. Saves you hours on the phone and hours of stress.
  7. Book well ahead if you can. Short-term fares are high at the moment because of very tight capacity but three months out fares are much, much cheaper.
  8. Make sure your phone and iPad devices are fully charged and all your favourite movies or shows are downloaded.
  9. Make out a Travel Checklist for the trip to ensure you don’t forget anything, it takes the stress out of packing and planning.
  10. Take out travel insurance that covers you and your circumstances. It’s very important to ensure that what you are signing up for covers you and your particular health circumstances.