Qantas scraps Russian flight paths for London services

February 27, 2022
A Qantas 787. Photo: Qantas

Qantas has scrapped its flight path for the QF9/QF10 service, a Boeing 787 from Melbourne via Darwin to London because of rising tensions with Russia.

The flight which has been operating through Darwin instead of Perth due to WA’s tough border policy has been flying north over China and through Russia before crossing into Europe to the UK.

In a statement, Qantas said “given the current circumstances and complexities, we’re opting to use one of our alternative flight paths that don’t overfly Russia while we continue to monitor this evolving situation.

The flight path Qantas has been using for its Darwin to London flights.

“We regularly review our flight paths and make any ­adjustments we consider prudent.”

The new flight path will operate through the Middle East and southern Europe which is expected to increase the flying time by about one hour.

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When the flight was operating from Perth the flight track was across the Indian Ocean, overhead Dubai, and then through Turkey and southern Europe.

Qantas flights QF1 and QF2 are also impacted.

That flight from Sydney normally operates through Singapore to London but Singapore’s COVID restrictions for its crews have meant that flight also transits Darwin.

The first flight which will operate on the alternative flight path is QF2 from London to Darwin, departing today at 8.50 pm AEDST.