PriestmanGoode unveils stunning Pure Skies cabin concepts

March 20, 2022
Pure Skies
PriestmanGoode one of the world’s leading design houses has unveiled its stunning Pure Skies cabin concepts.

The company is no stranger to magnificent airline concepts having developed the famous business class Qsuite for Qatar Airways.

Pure Skies was developed in response to the global pandemic and propose a raft of design ideas offering a road map towards future growth and passenger satisfaction in the aviation industry.
The concept the company says addresses consumer, business, and environmental concerns with designs based on improving personal space, hygiene, and safety.

The concepts address consumer concerns around hygiene, safety, and personal space which are key factors for passengers today and into the future.

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Pure Skies, says PriestmanGoode, is rooted in over two decades of working at the heart of the aviation industry.

“It is an example of what we call pragmatic innovation: innovation rooted in the realities, both physical and economic, that airline businesses operate in. The project began with a complete survey of the passenger journey, from the point of ticket booking all the way to arriving at the destination. Our team mapped out every touchpoint, every brand interaction whether with physical or digital products or services and used this as the basis for a review of travel in a post-pandemic world,” the company said.

“We explored how we could increase a sense of personal space for passengers both onboard the aircraft, as well as in queues and crowds throughout the travel journey. We developed solutions both for Business Class ‘Rooms’, where suites are fully enclosed with a privacy curtain, and each passenger has his/her own personal overhead luggage bin, as well as personal wardrobe.

“Meanwhile in our Economy ‘Zones’, we have designed a staggered seat approach that would allow passengers to choose whether they want an increased sense of space, as well as allow those traveling together to sit together.”

PriestmanGoode says “new developments in material properties and cleaning technologies have the potential to transform the onboard environment with new lines of defense for sanitation.

“Pure Skies looks at including UVC cleaning and fogging, in addition to manual processes, in combination with antimicrobial finishes embedded within fabrics and surfaces to enhance the efficacy of cleaning. We’ve also integrated the use of thermochromic and photochromic inks that, in combination with heat cleaning, can display a message of reassurance on the surfaces themselves. We’ve also used design elements in the seat construction to minimize dirt traps, for example through the use of seam tapes and seat shells.”