Pilots display their skills during Storm Doris

by AirlineRatings.com
February 24, 2017

This amazing video shows a skilled pilot landing Monarch flight MON503 from Innsbruck into Manchester whilst being battered by Storm Doris’s 50mph winds.

The flight can be seen swooping into the airport as winds shake the flight from side to side. Upon landing the pilot gave a cheeky wave through the window.

Capt. Simon Brown, Monarch Base Pilot Manager, Manchester & Leeds Bradford said to the Manchester Evening News: “This was a normal landing given the weather conditions today thanks to storm Doris.

“Landing in heavy winds is one of the many skills this Captain, who landed perfectly in the conditions today, and all of our pilots are highly trained in.”


Not all aircraft landed so safely yesterday though with a flybe plane crashing off the runway at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport during high winds when its gear collapsed.

The FlyBe flight from Edinburgh was pictured with collapsed landing gear. All passengers were brought to the terminal by bus and no one was injured.