Perth Airport in amazing colour from the 50s & 60s

June 16, 2022
Perth Airport

Below is a selection of colour images of Perth Airport in the 1950s and 1960s from both the Merv Prime Collection and colorized pictures by Benoit Vienne unless otherwise noted.

Perth Airport
South African Airways DC-7B with the tail of a Qantas Lockheed Constellation in the foreground. Colorized by Benoit Vienne
The “new” Control Tower in 1965. Colorized by Benoit Vienne.

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Perth airport
TAA Vickers Viscount; John Dix Collection
Passengers boarding a TAA Vickers Viscount with an Ansett-ANA DC-6B in the foreground. In the background can be seen two BOAC Comet 4s and a SAA DC-7B. The Comets were not usual visitors to Perth but were refueling due to contaminated fuel in Darwin – the usual refueling stop on the Sydney-Singapore leg for their Lonon service. Picture colorized by Benoit Vienne.Perth Airport

Various Views of the new terminal built in 1962

The first 727 arrives in Perth in November 1964. Colorized by Benoit Vienne.
Perth Airport
The swans were very popular with visitors
Perth Airport
BOAC had a regular service using 707s and then VC-10s before giving way to jumbos.
Perth Airport
Cunard Eagle was used for migrant charter flights
Perth Airport
The Orbit Inn (above) was a popular drinking establishment
Perth Airport
The arrivals and departure lounge
Perth Airport
Another view of the terminal with swans in the foreground.
perth airport
Ansett-ANA Douglas DC-6B being refueled


  1. Happily remember the black swans and later, the Orbit Inn. First visit, August 1965 as Mum got on a Qantas 707 for the long haul to London, it looked huge and captivating to a 7 year old.... Lived in the flight path of Runway 21, been hooked ever since. Miss the swans and getting so close up to the planes.
  2. Awesome photos of my beloved Perth airport. My main memory in 73 was the 'sun dial' which pointed to the eastern capitals. It was still there in the early to mid 90s then disappeared. I remember, 2 flights to Melbourne per day. An eon ago now