MH370: Was the final report modified?

September 01, 2018

Expert independent investigators looking into the disappearance of MH370 say that the data logs in the final report are not complete and/or were modified.

According to highly respected website author Victor Iannello,  fellow Independent Group members Don Thompson and Richard Godfrey “have found some anomalies in the message logs that were included in Factual Information (FI) released by Malaysia on March 8, 2014, and the Safety Investigation Report (SIR) released by Malaysia on July 30, 2018.”

The logs from these two reports document the communication between MAS Operations Dispatch Center (ODC) and service providers that route messages over SATCOM and VHF paths, as part of the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS).

“The anomalies suggest the traffic logs appearing in the reports are not complete, and what appears in the reports has been modified,” says Mr Iannello.

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In summary, those changes or omissions are:

  1. According to text in both the Factual Information (FI) released by Malaysia on March 8, 2015, and the Safety Investigation Report (SIR) released by Malaysia on July 30, 2018, an urgent message from MAS ODC was submitted at 18:03 and then re-transmitted multiple times.
  2. However, the last message sent to the aircraft cockpit printer from MAS ODC has the wrong time. Either the explanatory text in the final report is wrong, or the traffic logs do not contain all the message traffic.
  3. The facts surrounding the Aircraft Communications and Reporting System (ACARS) traffic log “are more suspicious, with, starting on Page 2 of the report, the filter parameters used to generate the remaining pages of the report were changed so that VHF messages if any occurred, were excluded.”
  4. The change in filter parameters and the repeated messages are clear evidence that the traffic log in the SIR is actually two reports that were pieced together and presented as a single report.
  5. And in the ACARS traffic log in the SIR the last line of the text message that was sent by MAS ODC at 18:03:23 appears to have been edited.

For a detailed explanation of the missing and modified data click here;

Mr. Iannello says “it is disappointing that more than four years after MH370’s disappearance, we are still asking Malaysia to release withheld data. The military radar data is another example of a data set that has never been released in full despite its significance in providing information about how the aircraft was flown after the diversion from the flight plan.”

“It is important that Malaysia provide a complete, unmodified log of all ACARS communications on SATCOM, VHF, and HF paths for the period between 12:48 and 20:00 on March 7, 2014. This is particularly significant in light of questions surrounding the delayed response of Malaysian authorities after MH370 went missing,” said Mr Iannello.