Norwegian announces the end of face masks

by Airline Ratings Editors
October 15, 2021

Flight Global is reporting that Norwegian has announced that travelers on its domestic operations and on services between Norway, Sweden, and Denmark will no longer be required to wear face masks, with reports suggesting other airlines in the region are set to follow suit.

”Norwegian’s attitude has been to maintain the mask requirement for as short a period of time as possible,” it says on 14 October. “Those who still want to use face masks are of course welcome to do so.”

However, passengers will be required to wear masks on services to other European countries.

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Flight Global reports that “local media reports suggest a number of other airlines in the region have decided to relax their mask policies following a meeting between carriers on 14 October.”

Norwegian’s mask mandate has been in place since 17 June 2020, it says, but the “current infection situation” in Scandinavia and the loosening of restrictions in wider society have prompted it to change its policy.

However, most airports still require the wearing of face masks.

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