MH370 searchers: We are looking in the right place!

November 30, 2015

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has released a new report into the search for MH370 that confirms it is looking in the right area – 1800km south west of Perth Western Australia – for MH370 that disappeared on March 14 last year with 239 passengers and crew.

The new search analysis data comes from the Defence Science and Technology Group and Boeing and used models of the Inmarsat satellite communications data, aircraft dynamics and meteorological data to determine likely flight paths.

Are searchers about to find MH370? 

The DSTG also validated that data with previous flights of the accident aircraft.

According to the ATSB the new analysis prioritised area is within the previously defined search area.  

A spokesman for the ATSB told The that “just over half of this prioritised area has already been searched and eliminated.”

In total, around 76,000 square kilometres of the ocean floor has been searched to date. Around 54,000 square kilometres is located within the refined search area.  

“We will continue to search the remaining 44,000 square kilometres methodically, using the current search equipment and the autonomous underwater vehicle,” the spokesman said.