MH370: Enough is enough for bizarre Cambodia theories

October 09, 2018
A Google Maps screen shot of the "plane" claimed to be MH370

Enough is enough for the bizarre theories that MH370 is in the jungle in Cambodia.

Normally the editors of would not touch such a story but when it makes websites like the International Business Times we must speak out.

This bizarre story of MH370 – a Boeing 777 – discovered in the jungles of Cambodia, for some inexplicable reason has gained traction around the globe on reputable websites which gives it credence.

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It revolves around an “aviation expert Ian Wilson” who claims he has located the Boeing 777-200 on Google Maps and is going to conduct a ground search of the mountainous area west of Phnom Penh.

A screen grad off a video of the alleged Boeing 777 in the jungle.

Apparently, he will reach the location by end of October.

But regardless anyone in aviation would know that the image shown is a fake.

No plane crashes into a mountainous region like that suggested and remains that intact.

If the land was swampy and flat it may remain somewhat intact – but this location is neither.

It is shown on the side of a mountain in very heavy jungle and clearly, it is fake.

So unless this 777 had a vertical take-off and landing capability this is nonsense and it is time that someone owned up to the fraud that it is.

All this coverage does is to traumatize the loved ones left behind.

Incredibly, the Chinese have reportedly taken this so seriously that they have had one of their satellites investigate the claims – but surprise, surprise found nothing.

Space View said in a tweet: “Stakeholders and bystanders plead Space View to shoot at the site. So, we found out three images, shot in 2015, 2016 and 2018 from our archive. Sorry, no plane found there.”

The 2016 image from Space View

Despite Space View’s tweet and photographic evidence, Mr. Wilson is going ahead with his search.

The 2018 image from Space View of the alleged site.