Loader fire threatens American Airlines jet

October 10, 2017
American Airlines fire Hong Kong

Dramatic video has emerged of flames engulfing a cargo loader as it worked with a Los Angeles-bound American Airlines flight in Hong Kong on Monday.

The equipment burst into flames and the fire spread to a container about to be loaded on the Boeing 737-300.

An American Airlines spokeswoman told USA Today the fire did not spread to the aircraft but the operator of the loader suffered injuries that were not life threatening.

She said the fire started before passengers boarded the Boeing 777 and while it did not reach the plane, the airline opted to cancel the flight and re-book passengers as a precautionary measure.

The cargo in the pallet was not hazardous, she said.

In other Hong Kong-related news, six crew members and a passenger were injured when a Brisbane-bound Cathay Pacific Airbus A350 hit turbulence about an hour into the flight.

The plane carrying 264 passengers and 14 crew was diverted to Manila so the injured, some of whom reportedly hit the cabin ceiling, could get medical attention.