Korean Air Unveils Great New Vegan Options

March 05, 2023
Korean Air

Korean Air has rolled out a new Korean-style vegan meal, which is inspired by Korean traditional cuisine, as an inflight meal option starting in March.

Responding to the growing demand for vegan food, Korean Air has introduced a Korean-style vegan meal option, an eco-friendly meal that can also help reduce carbon emissions.

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The airline said that the vegan options are inspired by traditional temple cuisine made using a variety of fresh vegetables and seasonal ingredients, bringing passengers an appetizing meal full of natural flavours.

Dishes such as steamed barley rice with burdock, roasted shiitake mushrooms, mung bean jelly salad and roasted tofu with plum salsa sauce can be enjoyed by passengers in all classes, while ginkgo nut porridge and roasted yam with soybean paste will be available for Prestige and First class passengers. Different types of Korean vegan dishes will be served depending on the route and season.

Korean Air currently provides six types of vegetarian meal options: vegan, lacto-ovo vegetarian, East Asian vegetarian, Hindu vegetarian, Jain vegetarian and raw vegetarian.

Korean vegan meals will be available to pre-order on all international routes departing from Korea in March. Customers may pre-order meals through Korean Air’s website, mobile application or service centre up to 24 hours prior to their flight’s departure.

Korean Air has also introduced a new selection of carefully curated wines onboard starting from next month. In collaboration with Marc Almert, who was named “World’s Best Sommelier 2019” by the International Sommelier Association, the airline presented 52 newly-selected inflight wines in October last year.

The airline’s wine selection, which has formerly been composed mostly of traditional French wines, has expanded to include diverse wines from other European countries and continents. The new selection will be first offered on the airline’s Los Angeles, New York and Paris routes, and will be gradually added to all routes within the year.

Korean Air will continue to introduce a variety of meal options, including Korean cuisine, to provide passengers with a rich inflight experience.

Korean Air will continue to introduce a variety of meal options, including Korean cuisine, to provide passengers with a rich inflight experience.

In January, Korean Air begin inflight meal pre-order services for Prestige Class customers on international flights departing from Korea.

This service allows customers to select preferred meals in advance on all international routes departing from Korea, with the exception of short-haul routes with a flight time of fewer than 90 minutes, such as to Fukuoka and Dalian. Customers can select their inflight meals on Korean Air’s website or mobile application from 60 days to 24 hours prior to their flight’s departure.

The airline also offers additional dishes that are exclusive to the pre-order service and Korean Air plans to expand the service for flights departing from overseas airports.

Korean Air is constantly enhancing its customer service as travel demand recovers and it recently added new inflight meal options such as spicy pork lettuce wraps, bulgogi rice with acorn jelly in cold broth, spicy buckwheat noodles, and braised mackerel, which have received very favourable feedback.