Emirates launches new app with 2-for-1 deal

July 10, 2018
Emirates SkywardsGO app deal
PHOTO: Emirates

Dubai-based Emirates is offering more than 4400 two-for-one deals in restaurants and spas across more than 20 cities to launch its new Emirates Skywards GO travel app.

The loyalty program travel app, which can be downloaded free on iOS and Andriod devices, also offers access to day planners, city guides and the ability to book discounted tours and attractions in more than 160 destinations.

The airline is touting the travel app as complementary to its existing Emirates app, which allows members to check their miles and tier status.

Travelers can plan their entire trip and save it on the app.

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The 2-for-1 offers, launched in conjunction with incentive company TheENTERTAINER,  can be unlocked with 6,700 Skywards Miles and are available in more than  20  destinations served by  Emirates, including Dubai, London, Hong Kong and Johannesburg.

After unlocking the app, members will have six months to start using the 2-for-1 vouchers and will have 30 days after redeeming the first voucher to enjoy as many offers as they want.

Two vouchers can be used for a group of four people and if two Skywards members have the offer pack, merchants will accept up to four vouchers covering eight people.

Emirates has been moving to make its Skywards program more flexible.

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It announced in May it would make it cheaper for members to buy, gift or transfer miles.

The cost of buying or gifting Miles was adjusted to $US30 per 1,000 Miles while transferring Miles costs $US15 per 1,000 Miles giving members the opportunity to earn rewards faster.

Transaction limits have also been increased enabling members to buy or gift up to 100,000 Skywards Miles per year and transfer up to 50,000 Miles a year.

The program also allowed members to reinstate expired Miles. Members who have miles that have expired in the last six months can reinstate them at a nominal charge of $US20 per 1,000 Miles.

In June, it announced it would allow families to pool up to 100 percent of Miles under a new “My Family” program.

Each account can have up to eight family members including a nominated family head.