Dramatic tail view video of an A380 landing during storm

July 20, 2019

AirlineRatings.com has captured a dramatic tail view video of an Emirates’ A380 landing during a storm at Perth International Airport.

The landing was on Friday, July 19 at 6 pm while a major cold front was passing through.

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The Swiss captain did a superb job of pointing the nose of the A380 into the direction of the wind which can be clearly seen in the video taken on a handheld iPhone of the aircraft’s entertainment system.

Also on show is Perth Airport’s $36 million high-intensity lighting system which clearly outlines the approach and runway.

That landing system is a CAT111B which is normally used for landings in fog, but the high-intensity lighting is also used on stormy nights.

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Where a pilot faces a crosswind landing they need to point the aircraft in the direction of the wind while maintaining a straight course toward the runway.

This is called crabbing or yawing.

In strong crosswinds, the pilot may also dip the wing – sideslip – into the direction of the wind.

Just before touchdown pilots apply rudder to bring the plane – and its undercarriage – back so it is aligned straight down the centre line of the runway.

Here it can be seen that the captain of the A380 straightens up just before touch down for a perfect landing.

At the time the winds were reported as gusting up to 40kts (74km/hour) from the west/south/west.