Donghai Airlines suspends pilot over toilet fight

April 06, 2021

Shenzhen-based Donghai Airlines has suspended two staff after an altercation during a flight turned violent according to the South China Morning Post.

The Chinese carrier has suspended the male pilot and a male flight attendant after allegations the pair assaulted each other during a flight.

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According to the SCMP, the assault started from an argument 50 minutes from landing on Flt DZ6297 from Nantong to Xian on February 20.

The SMCP said that “the pilot, who was not identified, was using the bathroom when a first class cabin passenger wished to use the toilet. The pilot asked the passenger to wait at their seat, but was ignored by the passenger, according to social media posts about the incident.”

According to some reports, the pilot had to use the bathroom during the flight. He noticed a first class passenger near the cockpit who also wanted to use the lavatory, and he asked the passenger to wait at their seat. The passenger ignored the pilot’s instructions, and when the pilot emerged from the lavatory he still saw the passenger standing there.

At this point the pilot confronted the flight attendant responsible for the first class cabin cabin, accusing him of “not doing his job properly and affecting flying safety.” An argument soon got out of control and became physical. The fight was allegedly initiated by the pilot, and this resulted in the flight attendant’s arm being broken, and the pilot losing a tooth.

Reuters reports that the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has also taken action following an investigation.

  • Donghai Airlines is being punished by not being allowed to add any new routes, flights, or capacity; it’s not known how long this policy will remain in place
  • The pilot involved in the incident will have his license revoked
  • The flight attendant will receive a “corresponding administrative punishment”