Boeing 777X gets its engines back for first flight

October 24, 2019
Boeing 777X

Boeing 777X is getting its engines back for first flight, according to a report from Guy Norris of Aviation Week.

The magazine reports that “the first flight compliant GE9X engine has been delivered by General Electric to Boeing, marking the restart of preparations for the start of 777-9 flight tests.”

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The engine is believed to have arrived October 18, and “incorporates improvements to fix durability problems that were unearthed late in the test program this summer.”

Norris says “the issue, centred on the stator vanes in the compressor,” and forced Boeing to delay the start of flight tests of the 777-9 from July 2019 to early 2020.

The report adds that “a second compliant engine is expected to arrive at Everett by the end of October, according to sources close to the program.”

It is expected that the first two engines will be installed on the first test aircraft, WH001 and that the 777X will be powered up mid-November.

However, sources at Boeing tell that first flight will still be in January.

Boeing has delayed deliveries of the 777X till early 2021.