names its Best Low Cost airlines for 2021

by Christine Forbes Smith
July 20, 2021
Best Low Cost Airlines

The high public interest in affordable travel has prompted, the world’s only safety, product, and COVID rating website, to identify the top ten low-cost airlines for 2021 from the almost 400 airlines it monitors.

Low-cost carriers (LCCs) have allowed millions of people to travel for the first time or to take trips they would otherwise be unable to afford.

Best Low-Cost Airlines – Top 10

They are a rapidly-growing segment of the industry, but rapid growth can come with some problems, which is why it’s so important to read reviews and ratings before booking.

The AirlineRatings top 10 LCCs for 2021 are, in alphabetical order: EasyJet, Jetstar, Frontier, Jetblue, Ryanair, Scoot, Southwest, VietJet Air, Volaris, and Westjet. Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas said that “each of these airlines has an excellent safety record and has made a big difference in their market.”

“From Southwest Airlines which started the low-cost revolution in the 1970s to JetBlue which redefines the low-cost product, each airline has made a huge contribution to affordable travel.”

“In Europe, it’s Easyjet and Ryanair, in Asia Jetstar and Scoot, while in Americas one can add Frontier, Volaris and Westjet to Southwest and JetBlue. All are standouts.” names its Top Twenty

Factors Involved in Choosing the Best Low-Cost Airlines

All the airlines chosen have either excellent safety and incident records or have completed the International Air Transport Association Operational Safety Audit.

AirlineRatings offers a unique safety tool that allows passengers to compare the safety ratings of the almost 400 airlines it rates.