names its 2022 Top Twenty Safest Low Cost Airlines

by Christine Forbes Smith
February 07, 2022
Photo: Venkat Mangudi/Wikimedia Commons the world’s only safety, product, and COVID-19 rating agency has responded to industry and public requests to widen its safest low-cost airlines assessment from 10 airlines to 20 for 2022 from the 385 airlines it monitors.

The AirlineRatings top 20 safest low-cost airlines for 2022 are, in alphabetical order; Air Arabia, Air Asia Group* Allegiant, Air Baltic, easyjet, FlyDubai, Frontier, Jetstar Group, Jetblue, Indigo, Ryanair, Scoot, Southwest, Spicejet, Spirit, Vueling, Vietjet, Volaris, Westjet, and Wizz.

737 MAX

Factors used to decide the top 20 safest low-cost airlines include; incident records over the past two years, crash records over the past five years, results of audits conducted by the governing body of aviation, The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), EU banned lists and fleet age.

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AirlineRatings offers a unique safety tool that allows passengers to compare the safety ratings of more than 385 airlines.


See the safety tool.

AirlineRatings was launched in June 2013 and rates the safety, in-flight product, and COVID-19 compliance of 385 airlines using its unique seven-star rating system. It has been used by millions of passengers from 195 countries and has become the industry standard for safety, product, and COVID-19 rating. was developed to provide everyone in the world a one-stop shop for everything related to airlines, formed by a team of aviation editors, who have forensically researched nearly every airline in the world.

Our rating system is rated from one to seven stars on safety – with seven being the highest ranking. Within each airline, you will find the country of origin, airline code, booking URL, and seat map information. The rating system takes into account a number of different factors related to audits from aviation’s governing bodies, lead associations, as well as the airlines, own safety data. Every airline has a safety rating breakdown so you can see exactly how they rate.

Over 230 of the airlines on the site that carry 99 percent of the world’s passengers have a product rating. Given that low cost, regional, and full-service carriers are so different we have constructed a different rating system for each which can be found within each airline.

The editorial team is one of the world’s most experienced with over 45 international and national awards. They have also authored or co-authored more than 28 industry books.

*AirAsia, AirAsia X, AirAsia Thailand, AirAsia Philippines and AirAisa India.