Aeromexico in another dramatic windshear incident

April 13, 2019

Dramatic vision has emerged of an Aeromexico ERJ-170 jet striking the runway on take-off from Chihuahua Airport, Mexico.

Flight AM2039 suffered wingtip damage during rotation causing the left-hand wingtip to contact the ground said

The website said that the flight returned to the Chihuahua Airport. said that the weather (wind) about the time of the incident was reported by the Tower controller to other flights to be 260 degrees at 26 knots, which was across the runway.

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In the video below you will notice the windsock is pointing directly across the aircraft’s take-off direction.

[VIDEO] Se registró un incidente con el Embraer 170 de Aeroméxico Connect, matrícula XA-SAC, durante la carrera de despegue por la pista 18L del Aeropuerto Internacional General Roberto Fierro Villalobos en Chihuahua el pasado miércoles 10 de abril. La aeronave sufrió daños sustanciales en la punta de la semiala izquierda. El incidente será investigado por la Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil de México (DGAC). Más datalles:

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On July 31st last year another Aeroméxico ERJ was involved in a wind shear incident.

According to Flight 2431 operated by an Aeroméxico Connect Embraer ERJ-190 impacted airport terrain shortly after commencing takeoff from runway 03 at Guadalupe Victoria International Airport (MMDO), Durango, and a post-impact fire ensued. All 103 occupants survived but 14 suffered serious injuries.

In the flight crew on board flight AM2431 consisted of a captain, co-pilot and an observer. The observer was a licensed commercial pilot with a rating for a Beech King Air according to

He was in the process of obtaining a type rating for Embraer jets and had accumulated 64 hours of simulator time.

The captain allowed the observer to take the right-hand seat and the co-pilot occupied the jump seat. He also allowed the observer to act as Pilot Flying.

However, there was a thunderstorm developing and during the takeoff roll there were notable variations in airspeed and wind direction.

Just after liftoff, the wind changed direction from the right-hand side at 33 knots and this suddenly became a 22kt tailwind.

The aircraft impacted the ground to the left of the runway, left wing first. The aircraft came to rest about 380 meters past the runway threshold and 320 meters past the paved end of the runway, slightly to the left of the extended centreline.