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    Grant of Australia

    November 12, 2016

    B777’s all over getting the 10 across seating in Economy but you’re still paying the ‘full service’ cost of the ticket. Was sandwiched into one of these narrow seats recently on Qatar Doha > Perth for 10+ hours. Will look NOT to fly Airlines using 777’s on route I’m planning to fly. If they are going to jam me in I might as well just buy a ticket for half the price and fly Budget / LCC for half the price on a A320 / B737 – or look for a B787 option

    Editors' Comment

    Dear Grant: Airlines are simply responding to the demand for lower and lower fares. Consider, that the number of week's salary it used to cost to buy an economy seat in 2000 will now buy you premium economy today. And most of the LCCs have less space again. Geoffrey Thomas Editor-in-Chief