NZ Couple Demand Refund After Sitting Next To A Dog On A Plane

by Airlineratings Editors
September 10, 2023

A couple from Wellington, NZ, have demanded a refund from Singapore Airlines (SIA) after they were made to suffer a dog on a plane in their row which ruined their travel experience.

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Mrs Gill Press and her husband Warren had bought premium economy tickets for their 13-hour flight from Paris to Singapore in June according to website

The website said that the couple had expected greater comfort, but were dismayed to find that the passenger beside them had brought his emotional support dog on board.

“I heard this noise – a heavy snorting,” Mrs Press told New Zealand news outlet

“I thought it was my husband’s phone, but we looked down and realised it was the dog breathing. I said, ‘I’m not having this sitting next to us the whole trip.’”

The couple apparently requested a seat change but the cabin crew informed them that the only seats available were at the back of economy class.

Unwilling to downgrade, they decided to stay put. But midway through the flight, they claimed the dog’s presence became unbearable.

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Aside from the snorting, it was also farting, they said. The dog was also eating into Mr Press’ legroom, with its head shoved under his feet and saliva dribbling on his leg, Mrs Press said.

Upon another request to change seats, the flight attendants moved the couple to seats at the front of the economy cabin, which had been reserved for staff.

Before landing, the flight attendants told them that an incident report had been filed and that SIA would be in contact with them.

But after a week passed with no news, Mrs Press e-mailed her complaints to the airline.

Two weeks later, the airline responded, offering them gift vouchers worth $200 to use on the KrisShop website. Mrs. Press rejected the offer as she felt it was inadequate compensation for the cheaper seats they ended up taking, the website reported

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  1. A few days ago I flew MIA to LAX on American in F class in a window seat. A women across the aisle gets on with a big dog and takes her window seat. I thought maybe she'd bought two seats since the dog took up most of the leg space. Wrong. When the passenger on the aisle arrived she refused to sit there but the lady sitting next to me agreed to switch seats with her. I still can't believe AA let that dog into the cabin. My new seatmate and I, neither of us liking dogs at all, had fun talking about the ups and downs of today's air travel experience. In all fairness, that dog was a model passenger in every way, somehow making herself fit under her master's seat. But still......