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    Vueling Airline Review


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    Sharon Petersen

    Cabin: Economy
    Route: Rome to Edinburgh
    Aircraft: A320


    Spanish low cost carrier Vueling commenced service in 2004 and has grown to today be Spain’s second largest airline. The airline serves over 100 destinations around Europe, the UK , Middle East and Africa utilizing a fleet of A319/320/321 aircraft.

    Perhaps best known for its poor on time performance and delays rather than its value for money, I was not surprised to at first be delayed 40 minutes. We did however made up time in the air and arrived as scheduled.

    Check in service at Rome was excellent – very efficient and plenty of staff which is a rarity these days. Upon boarding and until after takeoff ‘easy listening’ music is played which adds a bit of a nice touch but if you wanted to start snoozing before take off you might find this irritating.

    Seat and Amenities

    The aircraft on this flight would have to be one of the oldest and the thick seats were a tell tale of this. In a time where the seats are getting thinner to allow more leg room, this flight had comfort but limited legroom. The seat back pocket has a metal rod in it which dug in to my knees when the seat in front reclined so for someone tall, this would have been very uncomfortable.

    No blankets, pillow or amenities provided.

    Customer service on board

    Service was efficient and what you would expect from a crew operating a buy on board meal service.


    All food and drinks are buy on board and selections may vary on different routes Currency accepted (notes): euros, pounds sterling, US dollars and Danish kroner. Only euro coins will be accepted. Change will be given in euros. Credit cards also accepted.

    Inflight entertainment

    No in flight entertainment but there is an on board magazine

    Extra information

    Overall, a fairly non remarkable, standard flight on a low cost carrier. I would certainly have no hesitation to fly them again and if you get a good fare they are certainly great value for money.

    As with any low cost carrier ensure you read the fine print, pre purchase checked baggage, make sure your carry on luggage fits the dimensions they state and keep it to weight.

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