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    Tigerair Australia Airline Review


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    Jess Sandral

    Cabin: Economy
    Route: Melbourne - Perth
    Aircraft: A320


    I admit to being the biggest budget traveller. I do love luxury but seeing the cheapest flight always gets me pushing the ‘book now’ button quicker then I can say “What about Virgin Australia?”. That is why on routes, such as Perth to Melbourne, Tigerair are usually my go to. With flights regularly less then $200 one way they sure have me hooked!

    WARNING: Some of the following information may be disturbing to Business Class travellers!

    Seat and Amenities

    The seating is definitely tight. With a seat pitch of 28 – 29 inch things get uncomfortable. Lucky for me, I’m a mere 5 feet 2 inches but the poor man next to me who was about 6 foot really struggled! Exit-row seats have a more generous 38 – 39 inch pitch but by the time you pay extra for the exit-row it’s my sense that you may as well fly a different airline.

    Customer service on board

    Most people when flying Tigerair for the first time arrive at their seat ready for battle with airline staff. After all they are a budget airline so wouldn’t they skimp on service too? This is where I believe they take things up a notch. Staff are friendly and even assist with putting your bags in the overhead lockers. Unlike some airlines, staff members are not dismissive and don’t rush through cabin service.


    Food and drinks, including tea, coffee and water are available for purchase, don’t expect anything complimentary.

    Inflight entertainment

    Apart from an in-flight magazine, like with catering, don’t expect much else in the form of entertainment. Be prepared with something to do during your flight or you might find yourself counting sheep!

    Extra information

    Hints and tips
    1. Don’t be late! For those who have been in the unfortunate situation of running late for your flight with Tigerair you would have learnt the hard way! The airline offers no sympathy to late arrivals, no matter what the excuse is. Arrive a second later then 45 minutes before your flights scheduled departure and they won’t let you board.

    2. Check that they are actually the cheapest! Baggage allowance and food are never included in the initial booking price. If you are purchasing these extra add-ons make sure you shop around! Sometimes you might find a competitive flight with a full service carrier. If you want to be cheap like me, I bring my own food, a book to keep me entertained and pack light so I can just take carry-on.

    3. Don’t exceed your baggage allowance! Whilst standing in line to wait to check-in I have seen people being pulled aside by airline staff because their baggage weighs too much. You can tell as they are scrambling through their suitcase thinking about what items they can ditch, or better still add to their current outfit so it’s not measured in their bags weight. It’s not just check-in bags they are strict with, but also carry-on. For carry-on you are allowed 7kgs complementary. This weight can be spread out between two pieces of carry-on provided that each does not exceed the dimensions of 54cm X 38cm X 23cm. Excess baggage charges start at a whopping $20 a kilogram.

    The verdict
    Love them or hate them I will give them one thing, they are cheap. Just don’t expect any frills!

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