Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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    SAS Airline Review


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    Sharon Petersen

    Cabin: Economy Class
    Route: Copenhagen to Athens
    Aircraft: A320


    Seat and Amenities

    The seat pitch was approximately 30-31 inch with a 4 inch recline. There was no blankets, pillows or amenity kits available

    Customer service on board

    Very good despite completely missing our row during service


    The airline operate flights within Europe as a low cost operation therefore all meals, snacks and beverages (excluding tea and coffee) are to be purchased on board. We had a meal box consisting of rye bread, ,meats and cheese which was quite tasty.

    Inflight entertainment

    No in flight entertainment

    Extra information

    The airline are up against stiff competition with low cost carriers however their prices are often higher and don’t include any extras. What SAS do have is a fantastic route network and timetable which is often worth paying the extra for.

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