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    Jetstar Asia Airline Review


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    Sharon Petersen

    Cabin: Economy Class
    Route: Singapore - Ho Chi Minh return
    Aircraft: A320


    My first experience with Jetstar was also my first experience with low cost airlines in Asia. Low cost carriers have opened up a completely new class of travelers who perhaps could not afford to travel before. These carriers are popular, and the flights are full, but passengers are after a bargain and not too keen to pay for any extras like baggage. The result? A lot of carry-on baggage on one single aisle plane which is a nightmare when everyone wants to get off at the same time. The usual orderly disembarkation that westener’s generally adhere to on a plane doesn’t happen here – it’s grab and go and if you’re not in the aisle you can forget being let in. “Snooze you lose”.

    Seat and Amenities

    Being a low cost airline I didn’t expect much but I have to admit i was pleasantly surprised by the seat comfort. The leather seats were a little worn and reclined three – four inches. The leg room as to be expected was less than a full service airline at 29 inch but for a 100 minute flight it was fine – even with a large bag right under the seat in font of me.
    No amenity kits, blankets or pillows available.

    Customer service on board

    Customer service was excellent – the crew did not stop working and dealt very well with people being sick, babies crying and passengers not understanding that when you are about to land – “you have to sit down!”


    Jetstar offer the standard selection of hot meals, sandwiches, snack foods and beverages (including water) for purchase.
    Take an empty water bottle through customs with you and fill it up after to avoid having to pay for small bottles of water on board.

    Inflight entertainment

    There is no in flight entertainment available.

    Extra information

    Because we were travelling on a Qantas ticket we were able to have free seat selection and chose seats at the front of the aircraft. This was particularly beneficial when coming into Ho Chi Minh as it meant we were off the plane first and at the front of the line for Visas – a line that you really don’t want to be at the back of!

    Another tip is to get in the line for boarding early if you have carry on baggage. Being a low cost carrier, everyone has the largest carry on bags allowed to avoid paying baggage fees. The overhead bins in rows 1-2 are filled with the cabin crews equipment so if you are in row 3 you could be sharing your space with up to 12 other passengers.

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