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    Jetstar economy review on the 787


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    Darren Quinlan

    Cabin: Economy
    Route: Melbourne - Denpasar
    Aircraft: 787-800


    Seat and Amenities

    For a low cost carrier, Jetstar’s 787 aircraft has some great features. Modern, sleek, black leather seats also features adjustable headrest with additional padding for extra comfort. Legroom is standard at 30 inch but decreases as the seat reclines so you will need to tweak the seat position to suit your needs. 

    Windows feature the revolutionary “window dimming’ function instead of window shades which is exclusive to the Boeing 787. For take off and landing the Cabin Crew will set all windows to bright in line with policy.

    If you’re on the tall side, I recommend paying the $25.00 for an exit row seat at the time of booking.

    Customer service on board

    The in-flight service commenced promptly and the Cabin Crew were attentive and available throughout the flight.


    Jetstar is a cashless airline. All inflight purchases are via credit card only.

    For the best discount and to ensure you get your preferred meal choice it’s recommended you pre-order your meal online. Meals purchased online are at a discounted price and come with water, a bread roll and dessert. Customers that have pre-ordered a meal are also served first. In addition to this, customers who pre-order their meals are entitled to discounted alcoholic beverages during the flight. 
    On this flight I opted for the BBQ Pork meal (pictured). The meal was tasty and flavoursome.

    For those customers who have not opted to prepay their meal, an extensive menu is located in the seat pocket. The “on demand menu” includes a variety of hot and cold snacks and both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Jetstar has teamed up with “Sumo Salad”, an Australian owned company recognised globally for its healthy and convenient food choices. Customers can enjoy a selection of  healthy choice salads  inspired by Sumo Salad on most Jetstar International services.

    Inflight entertainment

    All seats feature USB charging points for your personal electronic devices. An 18 inch TV screen is located in the seat back of all economy seats. Jetstar’s in flight entertainment system features a selection of the latest blockbusters, reality TV shows, games, something for the kids and information about your flight. It’s sure to keep the family entertained for the duration of the flight

    Extra information

    The Jetstar 787 product, when compared to other low cost carriers operating Australia-Asia services is a cut above the rest. The dimmable window , on demand- touch screen entertainment and adjustable headrests featuring additional padding are extras low cost carriers often overlook opting instead for maximum capacity and minimum fuss designs. If you’re looking for an airline that offers you low fares and reasonable comfort. Look no further.

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