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    Jet2 Airline Review


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    Sharon Petersen

    Cabin: Economy
    Route: Edinburgh - Gran Canaria, return
    Aircraft: 737-800


    Jet2 is a low-cost carrier offering flights from nine UK airports (Belfast International, Birmingham, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds Bradford, London Stansted, Manchester and Newcastle) to popular city and island destinations in Europe.

    Offering low-cost fares, an included baggage allowance, nicely timed flights and incredible value holiday packages I was keen to try the recently awarded ‘Best airline in the UK’.

    Seat and Amenities

    Being a low-cost carrier, the seats don't recline or have headrests and the actual leg room is about an inch less than their full-service competitor, British airways (BA). The seats, however, are 'pre-reclined' and I felt like I had more room than on a BA flight since no-one could ever recline into my space. In addition to this, the seat-back pocket is at the top - not down near your knees - so there's even more space.As expected, there are no blankets, pillows or amenity kits.There are two very important things to note and probably the reason why I can't give this airline an even better score:1) There are no window shades so if you're on the window during the day its hard to watch a movie on your tablet as it's so bright. At night, the windows are cold - you'll be surprised what difference a window shade makes to the temperature around you.2) If you want to sit together you need to pay. All low-cost airlines state 'to guarantee seats together then pay to select them' but in the case of Jet2 it's a must do. A little trick is to check in your return flight first - you can usually see where you're sitting on the outbound flight too and if you need to pay to select seats. Upon checking into the return flight ( three weeks before flying) I could see we were separated but there was a seat available next to both of us. I personally don't agree with this - we are travelling together on the same booking and there are seats available together so why not sit us together. I could also see that on the outbound flight we were seated together - great- but when I went to check in for that flight a minute later - we were separated again. Personally, I would rather the ticket price be £15 higher than have to do this but for some people they may prefer to be separated and put that money towards their holiday which is what low-cost carriers are about - you can spend as much or little as you like. Basically, the airline are well within their right to charge for seat selection and if you do want to sit together then it is best to pay as you may not get them automatically.

    Customer service on board

    Excellent. Very friendly and a hard working cabin crew who didn't spend too much time making announcements. Pilots were excellent keeping everyone informed before and during the flight - probably the best I've experienced.


    This is a low-cost carrier so it's 'buy on board' or 'pre-purchase' food and drinks. We took our own food rather than buying on board but we did see a lot of people had pre-purchased meal and drink packages and these came out early in the flight. A lot of people were buying things and it took quite a while for the two carts to serve the whole aircraft so again, pre book and get served first. Whilst we didn't pre-book a meal we did pre-book a bottle of champagne to celebrate a special occasion and the staff came through early in the flight to ask when we would like it. On two occasions we went to order bottles of water but the staff just gave us a complimentary cup of water instead. Whilst I am a big fan of free water on all flights this is not the norm on any low-cost carrier so be prepared to pay and get a nice surprise if you don't have to.

    Inflight entertainment

    There is no in-flight entertainment of any sort apart from a couple of airline magazines.

    Extra information

    Overall, a very pleasant flight and if you're looking for a value-for-money holiday then the jet2 holiday packages are incredible value and I would give them a 10/10Check-in is a breeze with actual Jet2 staff rather than agency staff and baggage came out quickly at both ends.Jet2 promote great flight times so you get the most of every day you have away. Arriving in the afternoon and departing early evening on the last day meant we were able to really enjoy the first and last day of our holidays without feeling rushed or tired.If it wasn't for the seat separation and lack of window shades I almost couldn't fault this airline as a low-cost carrier and I do highly recommend them and their holiday packages. Will I use them again? Without a doubt.

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