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    Hawaiian Airlines Airline Review


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    Jessica Sandral

    Cabin: Economy Class
    Route: Auckland to Hawaii
    Aircraft: A330-300


    There are moments in our life that stand out as being remarkable, others as terrible and some we completely forget about. The moments we forget about are definitely not the ones brought up in conversations that begin with ‘Do you remember that time when…?” They weren’t spectacular nor were they a horrible experience they just were not worth remembering. My flight with Hawaiian Airlines fell into this category. Whilst I couldn’t fault many factors of my in-flight experience they just didn’t quite give me a reason to leave the plane singing their praises. I guess that’s the risk when flying a carrier that isn’t full service but isn’t a low cost carrier either.

    Seat and Amenities

    Seat pitch is a fairly generous 31 to 32 inches. This made for a reasonably comfortable but not incredibly comfortable flight. Blankets and pillows were available to purchase, as they are on all Hawaiian Airline International flights. During my flight the flight attendants didn’t promote this option by making an announcement or coming down the aisle with them for sale. So, if you want to purchase a blanket and pillow, based on my experience, you will need to bring it to your flight attendants attention.

    Customer service on board

    The flight attendants were pleasant. The only qualm I had was with the communication before the flight took off. We boarded the plane and after being seated we were told that there was some final paperwork to put through and take off would be in just a short while. An hour later with no updates in between we finally took off. I can understand delays but I believe it is important to communicate with passengers so they know the progress of the delay. Especially if you are told take off will be in a ‘short while’ and then it turns out to be an hour.


    On long haul flights Hawaiian Airlines, even though they are a budget carrier, do provide a complementary meal service. They also offer snacks and nonalcoholic beverages plus alcohol to purchase throughout the flight. There was also a second light meal service prior to landing.

    Inflight entertainment

    The airline does offer complimentary in-flight entertainment options however they are fairly limited. You can purchase On Demand movies for $8 a piece or for what I think is an even better deal you can purchase unlimited TV, music and games for $7. If you have young ones the kids package for $6 is also a great idea. No more hearing “Are we there yet?” If you’re a skimp with money like me, you will like the USB port on the A330 which means you can watch your own shows for free whilst keeping your device fully charged. On Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 767 planes, there are shared cabin screens showing documentaries and movies or DigEplayers loaded with media content available for hire. Headphones are also available for hire on all long haul flights.

    Extra information

    I have to complement Hawaiian Airlines on their choice of uniform for the flight attendants. Whilst this won’t be quite enough to have me ‘remembering my Hawaiian Airlines experience forever’ it did catch my attention. I loved how the flight attendants wore ‘Hawaiian’ themed uniforms and the female attendants wore Hawaiian flowers in their hair. It really did set the mood for what was a beautiful arrival destination! On that note, Mahalo everyone!

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