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    Cathay Pacific’s regional business class shines in unusual places


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    John Walton

    Cabin: Regional Business
    Route: Hong Kong-Osaka Kansai
    Aircraft: Boeing 777-300


    cathay regional business
    Photo: John Walton.

    Cathay Pacific’s current regional business class is basically a spruced up international premium economy but with enough room to slip past the passenger next to you if they aren’t reclining and if they’re relatively short.

    Seat and Amenities

    ctahy regional business
    The seat is fine for a short flight. Image: John Walton

    On this Boeing 777-300, the layout is 2-3-2 (one seat fewer in each row than premium economy), and the seats have surprisingly held their comfort level quite well, particularly in the Z-position when reclining.

    Unusually for your 6’3” reporter, the legrest supported my legs properly rather than hitting me either behind the knees or in the Achilles tendon, and I enjoyed relaxing with a movie.

    I was, however, struck by the necessity for airlines not to build hard product choices around any one period of personal entertainment devices: not only was the round iPod eXport socket still present (alongside a low-powered USB outlet), the centrally located mobile phone holders were far too small for modern devices, looking like they could just about hold an iPhone 5, but not much more.

    It really surprised me how out of date a cabin without mood-lighting feels these days, though. The beige cabin lighting felt truly ancient, as if I was living through a sepia filter.

    Customer service on board

    The crew on board were very pleasant but were stretched by the size of the cabin, particularly around offering drinks refills during the dinner service.

    As Cathay rethinks its dining concept, it needs to figure out how to solve that: is it by dedicating specific crew to a drinks run? Larger or supplementary pours?

    And in general, there’s this weird thing with Cathay Pacific service where every time I board one of their flights the crew seem to be very numerous yet frantically active moving things around the galley or dashing between cabins without paying attention to passengers on the way who might like their coat hung up or a welcome drink.

    I don’t seem to be the only one who notices this, and I’m not sure why it is, but it also represents an area for improvement by the airline.


    Cathay regional business
    I was very much not impressed by the chicken. Photo: John Walton

    Cathay’s inflight meal was disappointing.

    The highlight was the chilled seafood starter and the soba noodles, but the main course was very poor. Not only did all but one option run out, the remaining doggy-dish western chicken was cold by the time it reached my seat in the last row, and even the fresh-from-the-oven one the crew brought after I mentioned it was deeply boring.

    Having launched its new long-haul dining programme, Cathay needs to figure out how to bring its medium-haul service up to snuff.

    Highlights, however, were the availability of non-alcoholic beverages on the flight, with the Cathay Delight kiwi mocktail making a welcome appearance alongside the option of coconut water, a trendy but particularly delicious choice in the air.

    Inflight entertainment

    I was surprised at how sprightly the aging IFE system felt. Photo: John Walton.

    Cathay has done some upgrading work on the inflight entertainment product, notably with what was a very quickly reacting Panasonic eX2 IFE system, branded by the airline as StudioCX, although the screen quality wasn’t superb.

    As usual, it was mostly the general Hollywood fare, and I enjoyed Crazy Rich Asians with dinner.

    But Cathay needs to figure out what kind of airline it is when it comes to the incessant shilling of duty-free. On the IFE, an advert adjacent to the “next” button impeded use, the pre-show ads were excessive.

    An ad was also handed out with the landing card like junk mail, crew wandered through the cabin waving physical signs and calling out “ duty-free”, and my movie was so frequently interrupted with trilingual English-Cantonese-Japanese spruiks for inflight shopping that I missed entire scenes.

    Unfortunately, no inflight Internet was available.

    Extra information

    The airline is supposedly well advanced in its search for its next-generation regional business class seat, but this product will be sticking around for a while.

    I think the question for most passengers is: if there’s a better-timed flight for a short leg, should I take this or take an inconvenient flight on one of the “strategically underutilized” long-haul aircraft.

    In my view, for this flight blocked at 3h30, it was just about fine. Much longer than that, though, or at a time of day when I really fancied a few hours’ sleep in a flatbed, and I’d pick the better seats.

    John Walton was a guest of Cathay Pacific, but as ever all editorial observations are his own.


    Darren Quinlan

    Cabin: Business
    Route: Manchester to Hong Kong
    Aircraft: A350


    Seat and Amenities


    The reverse 1-2-1 layout provides exclusive aisle access to all
    guests. The seat is strategically angled away from the aisle and is surrounded
    by a large modern shell to ensure maximum privacy. A number of smart
    storage spaces are also provided to store your shoes and a special pocket
    specifically designed for smart phones. The flat bed extends to 190cm and
    provides exceptional comfort. There’s also an extension cushion that adds
    extra width to the bed and is designed to support your knees when
    sleeping on your side.

    Customer service on board

    I’ve always found the Cathay service very prompt. Once the crew are released from
    their seats they commence the service without delay. Entrees are quickly cleared and
    the main course followed in a timely manner.
    The cabin crew are professional and very efficient workers.



    The sophisticated A350 aircraft has been complimented well by a new look menu.
    They’ve made some significant changes to their menu to transition from traditional
    Chinese cuisine to modern, visually spectacular and tasty offerings. Very close
    attention has been paid to the plating and presentation of the dish.
    Entrée – Smoked eel with golden beetroot tartare, horseradish crème fraiche and eye catching, bright red beetroot pearls.
    The dish was very carefully plated, was fresh and very tasty. Exceptional flavours
    inspired by modern Chinese cooking and visually exciting.
    Main Course: Grilled Pork fillet with savoy cabbage, baby carrots, herb roasted
    carrots and Calvados sauce. A very generous portion that featured fantastic flavours and was accompanied by an artistic micro salad.

    Inflight entertainment

    Notable inflight experience changes exclusive to the A350 includes a touchscreen
    entertainment remote and multi view aircraft camera’s from your personal 18.5 inch
    HD screen. The updated Studio CX entertainment system is comprehensive and
    caters for customers of all ages and nationalities. I was impressed by the live
    streaming of CNN and BBC news networks.
    In a company first, the Cathay 350’s are fitted with WiFi. The Wifi operates at
    impressive speed and the connection was flawless. I used the WiFi to stream my
    experience without interruption. You can fill out a survey, which will give you an
    hours free Internet or for around USD 20 you can stay connected for the duration for
    your flight.

    Extra information

    Row 20 and 21 are by far the best rows in the Business cabin. These two rows are
    nestled between a bulkhead that separates the rest of the business class in front and
    premium economy behind. It felt like a very intimate and exclusive zone. Avoid row
    11 D and G which are located adjacent the toilet.

    Sharon Petersen

    Cabin: Economy
    Route: Hong Kong to Perth
    Aircraft: A330-300


    I remember as a child thinking that Cathay economy was amazing. The seats were a nice colour, the kids packs cool and the cabin crew incredibly presented. Fast forward a lot of years and it was nice to see that too not much had changed.

    Seat and Amenities

    The seat pitch was a comfortable 32inch and even when the seat in front reclined ( approximately 5 inch) I still had plenty of leg room. On each seat was a blanket and pillow. Basic amenity kits are available but only on request. On long haul flights these would be provided to all passengers. This was definitely one of the comfier economy seats I have experienced.

    Customer service on board

    The crew came around regularly with drinks and were efficient during the service. Again, as in business class, they weren't overly friendly like they might be on a western carrier but there was absolutely nothing to fault,


    Straight after takeoff a drink and nuts service was offered. I was looking forward to a hot towel service that I associate with superior carriers however there was none on this eight hour flight. Meals were served 2 hours after takeoff with drinks and warm rolls at the same time. The serving sizes have definitely decreased from 7 years ago but there was an additional snack service before landing and simple snacks were available between meals on request. Menu cards were also provided which I think is a nice touch in economy class.

    Inflight entertainment

    Easy to use touch screens are found on the back of each seat and offer plenty of variety. The screens were large in size and clear. In seat power was also available. WiFi is not yet equipped on these aircraft.

    Extra information

    Cathay remain a solid full-service carrier for economy passengers. With efficient service, good food, comfortable seats and an in-flight entertainment system that could entertain for days I would have no hesitation to fly with them again.

    Sharon Petersen

    Cabin: Business Class
    Route: London to Hong Kong
    Aircraft: 777-300


    When an airline dedicates half of an aircraft’s space to Business Class and that Business class is completely full it’s generally a good sign that you are about to have a great experience. Cathay Pacific is one of only a few airlines to have maintained an award winning full service in-flight product and virtually flawless safety rating over the last few decades making it one of’s favourite.

    Seat and Amenities

    The seat configuration of 1-2-1 is perfect for couples and solo travellers. To chat to your neighbour you just need to move the seat forward, but if you’re not interested in the person next to you, simply leave the seat where it is and you'll have plenty of privacy to concentrate on work or generally have your own space and time out. This is a winning layout. The seat has all the seating positions you would expect and transforms into an 180cm long lie flat bed. I did feel there was an ever so slight angle to the bed and upon close inspection from the seat’s non-removable headrest to the foot of the bed there is probably a 2-3 degree angle. There is no cover or mattress to put over the seat and if I was to be super critical this is one thing that probably could be offered to make the bed more comfortable as you can feel the joins in the seat. The bed isn’t as wide as some others in the industry but it does cater for side sleepers which those wider beds don't. The duvet is large in size and warm and the pillow fits the seat nicely. There is plenty of personal storage space including a cupboard where you will find your noise cancelling headphones. The amenity kit contains one of my favourite brands, Jurlique, and these products were also available in the bathroom.

    Customer service on board

    The service was efficient, friendly and continuous which is to be expected from a world class airline. One major difference with the service on Cathay vs say an Australian, New Zealand or British carrier was the personalisation. The “western’ carriers make a point to come up and introduce themselves to you, ask about your trip, address you by name and by the time you leave the plane you feel like you’ve made a new friend. The service here was nothing like this and that doesn’t make it better or worse, it’s just a different approach and dare I say one that’s possibly preferred by many business travellers who really just want to get on with their work or have some time to themselves.


    This is where Cathay really set the standard. Shortly after take off drinks and hot roasted nuts were offered as well as a menu. Instead of coming round and asking what meal you want, the crew bring around a trolley and you can literally have a look and make your choice. The meals aren’t huge but once they had done the first full round of service you were welcome to a second serving. The presentation and quality of the meals was simply outstanding. Dessert was the same and you could have as much or little cheese as you liked off the giant cheeseboard. Tea, coffee, liquers , wine, champagne and spirits flowed throughout the flight and until I said “no more’ my champagne glass was never empty. Each meal was preceded and ended with a hot towel service. Water bottles were given out after dinner and during breakfast.

    Inflight entertainment

    There were plenty of choices to watch and I managed to fit three movies in on the journey. The headphones were excellent in quality and the TV monitor large and clear. The IFE can be operated on the screen or by using the hand set. One thing I loved on the hand set was that it always showed you on the display how much flight time was left of your flight.

    Extra information

    Overall I can’t really fault my experience with Cathy and can see why it dedicates so much space to this class ” passengers love it and it represents value for those that choose to fly business. If there was a mattress available for the bed I really would have to give the airline a 10/10. The in-flight entertainment, personal space, food and beverage selection and efficiency of service were all superior and the airlines business class is absolutely deserving of all the awards it has won.

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