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    British Airways Airline Review


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    Sharon Petersen

    Cabin: Economy
    Route: Edinburgh - London Heathrow return
    Aircraft: A320


    The UK’s flag carrier, British Airways, has throughout the rise of low-cost carriers continued to provide an all inclusive service to its economy passengers until now. As of January 2017, the airline, in a bid to remain competitive, has moved to a buy on board service for economy passengers travelling on domestic and short haul Europe routes less than 5 hours.
    Prior to this decision on flights of 1-2 hours, a bag of crisps or nuts or a sweet treat like a cookie was offered as well as non-alcoholic beverages. Let’s just say the selection wasn’t anything to make you choose to fly with BA over a cheaper carrier on the same route.

    Seat and Amenities

    The black leather seat has a pitch of 31 inch ( 1 more than Ryanair and two more than Easyjet) and a winged headrest. Unlike its low-cost competitors, BA also has reclining seats and TV screens throughout the cabin with a flight map. There may be some blankets available on request but generally speaking on these short haul flights there are none on board. BA also allow one piece of carry-on and a small handbag or laptop bag.

    Customer service on board

    I have to say, the staff, whilst pleasant were not huge fans of the new buy on board system - probably because they are already sick of having to explain it to demanding passengers. If any of these type passengers are reading this, please send your thoughts to the airline - don't bother the cabin crew because it's not their decision or fault.


    The photos basically tell you the story of the new menu which has been created with another iconic British brand, Marks and Spencer, Of most importance is to remember that they only take credit or debit card.

    Inflight entertainment

    There are free newspapers and local magazines available on domestic flights as you board the aircraft.

    Extra information

    Personally, I think this move by BA is smart as what they are offering now is so much better - yes you have to pay for it but really the selection before wasn't substantial so you were probably buying a snack at the airport before or soon after your flight anyway. BA still seems to have the higher airfare on many routes so they may have a hard time convincing customers of why they have gone to buy on board model.

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