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    Bangkok Air Airline Review


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    Sharon Petersen

    Cabin: Economy Class
    Route: Phuket to Koh Samui return
    Aircraft: ATR 72-500


    Seat and Amenities

    Bangkok Air operates mainly short routes and therefore there are no blankets or pillows. The seats do recline about three inches with the exception of the back row and those backing onto an emergency exit. Seat pitch was about 31 inches. There was no in seat power or USB ports

    Customer service on board

    Quick and efficient


    I was very surprised to get a meal box on such a short flight. It consisted of a meat and potato salad as well as a juice and piece of cake. The staff literally handed them all out and then went back to the front of the plane and started collecting the rubbish before we landed

    Inflight entertainment

    There was no in flight entertainment but being such a short flight it wasn’t needed. Jet aircraft that operate longer flights do have shared screens throughout the cabin that show movies

    Extra information

    The over head lockers are small on the ATR aircraft. A standard size cabin bag you would take on an international flight will likely not fit in the overhead locker. In such cases you will be asked to check your luggage in or staff may pop it at the back of the aircraft for you in the galley. All Bangkok Air passengers have exclusive use of the Bangkok Air lounge where available at airports

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