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    Alaska Airlines Airline Review


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    Jessica Sandral

    Cabin: Economy
    Route: Honolulu to Bellingham
    Aircraft: 737-800


    Seat and Amenities

    The seat pitch was about 32 inches. Unfortunately I made the mistake of booking the back row in the last cabin so I couldn’t recline my seat as the toilets were directly positioned behind me. As my flight was a red eye special it made it extremely uncomfortable and almost impossible to sleep throughout the duration of the flight. Whilst booking the wrong seat is my fault, let it be a lesson for all! When you have the entire row in front of you reclining their seats (well almost the entire plane for that matter), it left me with very little room to sleep comfortably. I think this would have been a much more comfortable flight if I had booked it during the day. Getting off a plane at 8am in the morning with no sleep makes for a very tired and grumpy passenger!
    Blankets, pillow and amenity kits are not available.

    Customer service on board

    The customer service on this flight was top class. I love it when the flight crew add personality when making announcements and this is exactly what Alaska Airlines did. Hearing the same old lines can get a little repetitive and boring sometimes. An older lady, who introduced herself as Bambi, ensured passengers had a good laugh before they disembarked the plane.


    As Alaska are a budget airline food is not included in your flight but can be purchased for an additional fee. Water and nuts were provided complimentary and staff were great at ensuring they did regular aisle runs to make sure passengers had everything they needed.

    Inflight entertainment

    You can hire portable in flight entertainment devices on board that are loaded with movies, TV series and games. Another bonus is that there is Wi-Fi available on the flight for a fee to help keep you entertained or up-to-date with work.

    Extra information

    Flying with a budget airline is by no means as good as flying with a full service carrier. For a budget airline however I have nothing to complain about and would have to say Alaska are probably one of the better ones I have flown. It is also reassuring flying with an airline who you know is safe. It’s great to feel secure on your journey so your mind can be at ease. For the cheap price I paid I have to say I definitely got my money’s worth and would recommend Alaska to anyone wanting to fly cheaply.

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