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Airline Safety and Product Ratings with COVID-19 ratings

Need to travel soon but not sure which airlines are the most sanitary?
Airlineratings is Your Exclusive Guide to Understanding What Airlines Are Doing to Protect Customers and Crew From the Spread of Covid-19

For Just USD $15 Year, You Get-

  • Enhanced Airline Safety Ratings including Covid-19
  • Access to our handy Safety Ratings comparison table
  • Airline Product Ratings
  • Weekly “The Black Story” looking at the why and why not of the latest airline news authored by Geoffrey Thomas, one of the world’s most awarded aviation editors.

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The only place in the world to get ALL Airline Safety Ratings in one place! The ONLY airline rating that includes COVID-19 safety ratings!


  • "Geoffrey Thomas is a distinguished and globally recognized aviation professional. Geoffrey brings a keen understanding of the aviation industry to communicate problems and challenges offering creative and enduring solutions."
    John Feren
    former Boeing Vice President of Airplane Sales for Leasing Companies
  • "Geoffrey Thomas is a world renowned, multi -award winning writer, author and commentator who has taken a holistic view of the aviation industry for more than 40 years. The intellectual property from this book Greener Wings has been used in Australian, US and UK government environmental reports. He appears regularly on CNN and the BBC and was the former Chief Editor of Air Transport World. He is a must read!"
    Hugh Davin
    former airline CEO.
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