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Safety rating: 7/7  Rating Criteria | Safety Rating Breakdown

Product rating : 3/5  Rating Criteria
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Country of Origin: Mexico  |  Airline Code: Y4


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Low Cost Carrier

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Volaris seats Picture: Facebook/Volaris
Volaris A320 cabin Picture: Facebook/Volaris
Volaris A320 cabin Picture: Facebook/Volaris
Volaris A320 Picture: Facebook/Volaris

In Flight Product

Economy Class

  • Aircraft are in all economy configuration
  • Snack and beverages including alcohol and water available for purchase; pay by Mexican dollar or credit card only
  • Dropdown cabin screens show in flight entertainment
  • Seat pitch of 30 inch; seats may or may not recline depending on aircraft. Variety of different seating options available such as emergency exit, buy the seat next to you and different sections of the cabin.
  • Pillows, eyeshades and ear plugs available for purchase
  • Baggage allowance of 15kg with extra baggage available for purchase


  • Commenced service as low cost carrier in 2006
  • Initiated code share agreement with Southwest Airlines allowing more seamless travel between the United States and Mexico
  • Operates on domestic and international routes
  • Mexico's second largest airline after Aeromexico

Aircraft Types

  • A319
  • A320

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