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JetBlue Airways

Safety rating: 7/7  Rating Criteria | Safety Rating Breakdown

Product rating : 5/5  Rating Criteria presents our independent JetBlue Airways safety ratings and reviews.

Country of Origin: United States  |  Airline Code: B6


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Low Cost Carrier

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Mint Business Class single "suite" seat
Mint Business Class

In Flight Product

  • Small snack (chips, peanuts, etc) and nonalcoholic beverages provided complimentary; snack boxes and alcoholic beverages available for purchase
  • Personal seatback screens showing 36 TV channels complimentary; movies can be purchased; Wi-Fi available across the entire fleet
  • Seat pitch of 34 inch; extra space seats with seat pitch of 38 inch available for fee but those seats backing onto an emergency exit do not recline
  • Blankets and pillows available for fee; eye shades and ear plugs provided complimentary on night flights as well as a hot towel
  • Baggage allowance of 1 x 23kg bag complimentary; extra luggage can be purchased
  • The airline offers passengers the choice to have their bag delivered to their business/home/hotel for a fee at selected ports rather than having to wait for their baggage at the traditional baggage carousel

Mint Business Class

  • Premium tapas style menu and beverages served complimentary
  • Audio Video on Demand available through personal screens with Wi-Fi being rolled out across the fleet
  • Seats alternate between a duo of seats in one row and a single or "suite" seat in the next to accommodate those travelling in couples or singles. Seats have a width of 22 inches and transform in to a 6 foot 8 inch lay flat bed. In seat power available.
  • Blankets, pillows and amenity kit provided


  • Commenced operations in 1999 as a low cost carrier
  • Serves destinations within the United States, the Caribbean, Latin America and South America

Major Strengths

  • Refers to itself as a low cost carrier however the in flight offering is better than many of the American legacy carriers
  • Has complimentary in flight entertainment on personal screens on every aircraft
  • Passengers can purchase "ticket bundles" - a number of one way tickets for a certain route for a discounted price. Name goes on ticket once a date is chosen meaning it can be used for anyone.

X Factors

  • Guaranteed personal screen at every seat with a choice of 36 channels
  • Generous seat pitch in economy on A320s at 34 inch
  • Winner of the Best Low Cost Carrier award for the Americas 2014

Aircraft Types

  • Embraer 190
  • A320

Passenger Rights*

Denied boarding

Denied Boarding Compensation must be offered to “zero fare ticket” holders (e.g., holders of frequent flyer award tickets) who are involuntarily bumped.

Carrier must verbally offer cash/cheque for Denied Boarding Compensation if the carrier verbally offers a travel voucher as Denied Boarding Compensation to passengers who are involuntarily bumped.

Carrier must inform passengers solicited to volunteer for denied boarding about all material restrictions on the use of transportation vouchers offered in lieu of cash.

Minimum denied boarding compensation limits are $650/$1,300 or 200%/400% of the one-way fare, whichever is smaller.


All customers whose flight is cancelled by JetBlue will, at the customer’s option: • Receive a full refund OR • Receive re-accommodation on the next available JetBlue flight at no additional charge or fare. If JetBlue cancels a flight within 4 hours of scheduled departure and the cancellation is due to a Controllable Irregularity, JetBlue will also issue the customer a $50 Credit good for future travel on JetBlue

Long flight delays

Customers whose flight is delayed due to a Controllable Irregularity are entitled to compensation good for future travel on

Delay time:
1:30 - 1:59 hours: Compensation amount: $25
2 - 2:59 hours: $50 Credit
3 - 3:59 hours: $75 Credit
4 - 4:59 hours: $100 Credit
5 - 5:59 hours: $125 Credit
6 or more hours: $200 Credit

Lengthy Tarmac Delays at US airports

U.S. and foreign air carriers are not to permit an international flight to remain on the tarmac at a U.S. airports for more than four hours without allowing passengers to deplane subject to safety,  security, and ATC exceptions.  This applies to small hub and non-hub airports, including diversion airports.

Notification of the status of delays must be given every 30 minutes while aircraft is delayed, including reasons for delay, if known. Drinks and snacks must be provided once the delay is over two hours. The airline will also provide in flight entertainment. 


Passengers whose luggage has been lost or misplaced should check their rights and what to do next here

People with disabilities and people with reduced mobility

jetBlue has detailed and extensive information on their website regarding passengers with disabilities. For full details, see here

For a detailed account of issues and compensation click here

NOTE: Conditions of Carriage refer to the country of origin and may not be applicable to all jurisdictions.

Passenger rights for US airlines flying into Europe click here

To lodge a complaint with the airline click here

To lodge a complaint with the US Department of Transport (DOT) click here


* This is to be used as a guide only. We strongly recommend that you read the airline's terms and conditions at the link above. All complaints are to be lodged with the airline directly and not with Whilst we will endeavour to keep this information accurate and up to date, we can not guarantee it's accuracy and can not be used by the public in their lodgement of a complaint for compensation against any airline

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