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Safety rating : 5/7  Rating Criteria | Safety Rating Breakdown

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Country of Origin: Ireland  |  Airline Code: FR


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Low Cost Carrier

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In Flight Product

  • All aircraft are in economy only configuration
  • All drinks and snacks are to be purchased on board or passengers can bring their own (but no hot drinks)
  • No in flight entertainment
  • Seat pitch of 30 inch with no recline
  • No blankets or pillows
  • Boarding passes must be printed before arriving at airport to avoid 15 Euro printing fee at airport;
  • Baggage allowance of 15 to 20kg needs to be purchased at time of booking; no transfer of bags between flights so passengers must collect and re-check their bags


  • Commenced services in 1985 with the aim of breaking the duopoly on London-Ireland flights held by British Airways and Aer Lingus at that time
  • Operated at a loss by 1991 prompting restructure to no frills low cost carrier
  • European Union (EU) deregulated flying rights between other EU countries in 1992 enabling Ryanair to capitalize
  • Acquired Buzz from KLM in 2003
  • All check-in desks were closed by October 2009 requiring passengers to use bag drop stations and on line check in only
  • Operates over 250 single aisle 737-800s

Major Strengths

  • Extremely cheap fares
  • Operates one of the youngest fleets in Europe

Aircraft Types

  • 737-800

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