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24 Feb 2017

British Airways parent IAG flags more European bases.

Long-haul, low-cost revolution heats up as major players refine plans

24 Feb 2017

Iconic Emirates inflight bar gets a makeover

Private yacht cabins inspire changes.

24 Feb 2017

Pilots display their skills during Storm Doris

As Storm Doris battered the UK yesterday, passengers were faced with some rough and bumpy landings

23 Feb 2017

Competition cuts AirNZ profits

Full-year profit is expected to be down by as much as 28 per cent.

23 Feb 2017

Qantas boss confident on renewed push for American alliance

The flying kangaroo also signs a codeshare deal with EL AL.

23 Feb 2017

Qantas launches stunning premium economy seat

Qantas has taken the lead in the premium economy stakes.

23 Feb 2017

Robust Qantas ready to take on all comers

Qantas underlying profit ahead of guidance

22 Feb 2017

Are US carriers launching a food fight?

Delta's move to offer free food on select flights raises questions for its competitors.

22 Feb 2017

Shopping centre crash pilot did not reveal nature of emergency

US president acknowledges tragedy as investigators seek footage from the public.

21 Feb 2017

Fireball as charter plane slams into shopping centre

Melbourne commuters watch as plane carrying US tourists crashes into shops.